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Jane Renwick
Illustrator and ceramic artist

Jane spends the winter months designing, cutting and carving intricate designs in lino: individual petals, leaves, wings and shells. As spring arrives she takes these into the studio to create ceramic lights in hand-made paper porcelain, arranging the many lino pieces for each light into an original, unique design. The lights are then fired to a very high temperature, making them much stronger than their paper-thin appearance would suggest. 


Jane's designs reflect her fascination with beauty in nature, exploring themes such as feathers, honeycomb, fossils, shells and hedgerow plants which she carves from lino and presses into wet clay. These themes have been carried through to her work in resin metal, a technique using real metal powders, enabling her to create surfaces that would be difficult to produce in hot cast metal. She combines this material with a black ceramic base to display the rich metal textures and designs. 


Her lamp bases are hand-turned locally from characterful oak and ash.

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